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How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand

Personal Branding

What is a personal brand? Essentially, it’s the reputation you have as a business and in business. As a Realtor®, your personal brand is essential because you personally provide the service. You may also have a broker, but that brand doesn’t define your business. You can change brokers, but you can’t change YOU! How do…

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How Do You Fire an Awful Client?


We’ve all had them. The nightmare clients. They say they want to buy a home, but six months later you’re still doing showings. They are slow to get their paperwork together. They call you constantly and refuse to respect boundaries. Unrealistic expectations abound. Or maybe it goes a step further. Maybe they are trying to…

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Why You Need a Buyer’s Agreement EVERY TIME

Real Estate Buyer

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending a lot of time showing homes to a buyer, only to have them decide it’s not time for them to make a move right now. Wait – yes there is. There most certainly is. It’s even more frustrating when you spend time showing a buyer a bunch of properties,…

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4 Choices Every Realtor® Should Make

Mindset for Real Estate Marketing

Being a successful Realtor® certainly isn’t easy, despite how it’s sold to a lot of wide-eyed recruits looking for another source of income. You have to establish yourself as the go-to real estate agent in a specific area if you want ongoing regular business. It takes a lot of guts, sacrifice, and consistency. However, you…

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4 Ways to Master Farming in Your Local Area

Why Farming is Essential in Real Estate

We’re seeing a lot of our clients stock up on marketing materials at this time of year, and that’s awesome! We love to help set you up for success with business cards, postcards, and more. Today, I want to share some secrets – and not-so-secrets – about how to be successful with the #1 way…

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Flood Disclosures: What Do You Have to Say to a Prospective Buyer?

Flooding Disclosure

Today, we are featuring a guest post from Erin Deady, a licensed Florida attorney, about Florida’s flood disclosure rules. Tidal flooding is a concern in Florida, which makes sense considering how much coast there is. As a Florida real estate agent, this has a direct impact on how you work. You have to understand and abide…

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Realtor® Safety in 2020

Are You Safe as a Realtor®?

Every once in awhile I see one of these stories and I shudder. And then I decide to take a break from talking about marketing to share, once again, about the importance of Realtor® safety. We’ve all heard what we should do, but these stories continue to happen, again and again. All I can think…

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The Secret to Consistency in Marketing (And Life)!

Marketing Habits of Successful Realtors

We’re in the first half of January and it’s the season of high hopes that you can implement positive changes into your life and business. …And it’s the season of kinda knowing in the back of your mind that this never works. But why doesn’t it work? And is it possible to actually have lasting…

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3 Keys to Succeeding With Goal Setting in 2020

Goals 2020

As a Realtor®, you’ve done a lot of work preparing for success in 2020. You may have even set some goals for your business and personal life. However, did you set goals that will help you succeed, or goals that will result in failure? Believe it or not, the way you set goals makes a…

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3 Tips for Marketing Success in 2020

New Year 2020

Happy New Year! I’m excited to have made it to another year – and another decade! – and most people I know feel the same. There’s a sense of possibility at this time of year that I cannot get enough of. It’s a time of making plans, trying new things, and getting better than ever!…

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