3 Keys to Succeeding With Goal Setting in 2020

Goals 2020

As a Realtor®, you’ve done a lot of work preparing for success in 2020. You may have even set some goals for your business and personal life.

However, did you set goals that will help you succeed, or goals that will result in failure?

Believe it or not, the way you set goals makes a huge difference in whether or not you succeed. Here are some tips that will help you set goals that work in 2020.

Be Specific With Your Goals

We love to say, “2020 will be my best year ever!” but what does that actually mean? Best in what way?

If you don’t set specific goals, you won’t have any idea if you’re making progress and there won’t be any way to succeed. A vague goal doesn’t just set you up for failure, it actually guarantees it!

Instead, set specific goals. Don’t assume it has to be all or nothing, either – working out once a week is a suitable goal if you’re starting from zero.

Some real estate marketing examples include:

  • Increase my income by 15%
  • Get 25% more listings this summer than last summer
  • Post on Facebook three times a week
  • Send farming postcards once a month

As you can see, these are all very specific – it’s easy to know if you’re moving in the right direction and you definitely know when you’ve met the goal.

Ensure the Goals Matter to You

I can’t tell you the number of times I set a goal of “lose 15 pounds” just because I thought I should. I wasn’t connected to that goal. It was just something that people do, try to lose weight.

As a result, it didn’t matter to me, and surprise surprise, I wasn’t motivated to accomplish it!

It wasn’t until I decided to make a change for reasons that did matter – like having more energy and improving specific health metrics – that I finally changed my diet and life for good.

How does that apply to real estate marketing? You need to make sure the goals you set are truly important to you. Make sure you understand how each effort impacts your business and determine if the impact is something you’re willing to work hard for.

Don’t make goals just because you “should.” Create new targets based on your true dreams and ambitions. You’ll be far more likely to succeed!

Start Small

One mistake a lot of people make when they come up with new ideas in a new year is that they plan to immediately make huge changes.

Someone who was a complete couch potato plans to work out five days a week. Someone who rarely sent print marketing decides to send out marketing postcards once a week.

Not only do they make big plans, but they also try to implement these plans from Day 1 onward. There’s no sense of working their way up to the new activity level. They start January 1st and wonder why they’re worn out by January 6th!

It’s fine to have big goals, but you need to break them down into smaller steps. If you haven’t been active on social media in your business, don’t try to start posting daily on January 1st. Instead, set smaller goals – in January choose platforms and set up profiles, in February post once a week, and by summer you’ll have worked your way up to daily interaction.

Don’t be ashamed to start small and work up to big visions. You’ll be a lot more successful!

Are You Ready to Rock in 2020?

Setting up your goals correctly is just as important – maybe even more important – than what goals you choose. When you set specific targets, choose goals that really matter to you, and start small, you’ll be much more successful in 2020.

What kinds of goals are other Realtors® setting? From real estate marketing to more time with family, we’ll dive into some ideas in our next post – stay tuned!

What is your top goal for 2020? Share in the comments!