3 Tips for Marketing Success in 2020

New Year 2020

Happy New Year!

I’m excited to have made it to another year – and another decade! – and most people I know feel the same. There’s a sense of possibility at this time of year that I cannot get enough of.

It’s a time of making plans, trying new things, and getting better than ever!

Do you have a marketing plan for 2020? I hope so! If you don’t, there’s no time like the present to create one. Here are some tips to make sure your marketing is super successful in this new year.

Use a Mix of Marketing

Every year brings its fair share of trends, new hot media, and flavor-of-the-day marketing. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of these ideas as long as you don’t undermine the foundation of your outreach.

One thing that will never go out of style is a mix of marketing approaches. Focus on print marketing and farming, social media, your real estate website, and in-person outreach.

Don’t feel like it has to be complicated. Simply doing one thing in each category is a great place to start.

One approach might be:

  • One farming postcard per month
  • One Facebook post per day
  • A new blog post on your website each week
  • Door knocking or local events once a month

If you do this type of marketing, your ideal clients will be seeing you on multiple platforms all the time – which reinforces that you are a high-quality Realtor® and one they can rely on!

Have Fun With Video

Seemingly everyone enjoys consuming video content. 45% of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube each week.

While the foundation of your marketing approach is the mix we mentioned above, there’s nothing wrong with using some video if you have the ability. You don’t need expensive equipment – use your smartphone or computer camera to capture a candid video or go live on social media.

A lot of Realtors® find video intimidating, but it’s easier if you just think about it as if you’re having coffee with someone. Be yourself, share useful information, and have fun with it!

Take Advantage of Visual Content

Visual content – which includes both video and images – is a huge force in marketing today. The good news is that it fits perfectly with real estate.

Share images of beautiful homes – either ones you have for sale, or well-known properties in your area. Use these pictures to generate conversation among your followers on social media or your blog. You can ask questions like “What is a must-have in your dream home?” or “Name the most important room in your home – and why!”

Eye-catching images are easy to come by in real estate so you won’t have to do a tremendous amount of work to find them. Take advantage of that to create marketing that makes a splash online and in print.

You can even create infographics of key market statistics or a visual checklist of how to prepare a home for sale. There’s a lot you can do to engage your audience with excellent visual content!

Is Your Marketing Ready for 2020?

The new year is here, so if you haven’t gotten your marketing nailed down you’re missing out. If you’re struggling about how to incorporate a mix of marketing into your real estate business, let us help.

We offer free consultations on marketing strategy, and we have a variety of print marketing options available.

Contact us today for more information!