4 Ways to Master Farming in Your Local Area

Why Farming is Essential in Real Estate

We’re seeing a lot of our clients stock up on marketing materials at this time of year, and that’s awesome! We love to help set you up for success with business cards, postcards, and more.

Today, I want to share some secrets – and not-so-secrets – about how to be successful with the #1 way to build your brand: Farming in your local area!!

Farming is building up a consistent reputation in a target neighborhood or area through regular outreach. We’ll share the details on how to succeed here!

Choose the Right Farm Area

The first step to succeeding with a farm is to choose the right neighborhood(s).

You should pick an area close to where you live so that your farming efforts can be consistent without needing a lot of travel time. Also, scope out what other agents are already operating in that area. If a single agent already gets 80% of the listings, you’ll have a hard time getting in!

Look at how much buying and selling activity there is. Also, pay attention to the price point. Is that the demographic you’ll have an easy time connecting with? Will the area support you in your quest to be financially successful?

Finally, pay attention to whether you like the area yourself. It’s pretty difficult to sell a product you don’t believe in, so choose a farm area that you really enjoy!

Mail Postcards Once a Month

Once you have your target area, it’s time to introduce yourself! By using high-quality farming postcards once a month, you can meet people where there’s very little competition anymore – in their mailbox!

Usually, people only get bills (and election ads) in the mail these days. A colorful, bright, and fun postcard can mix things up, and will definitely get noticed!

By sending one once a month, you start to build consistency instead of being a one-off ad. People who didn’t notice your mailer in month one will start to pay attention in month three. Plus, it shows you’re really committed to the area, not just taking a scattershot approach.

Mailing monthly postcards doesn’t have to be expensive. We have deals on them all the time (sign up for our email list to get them!) and you can use Every Door Direct Mail to mail them to a farm. Postcard rates are less expensive than regular letters, too, so you can also use a mailing list!

Be Present in Person in Your Farm Area

A lot of time real estate agents are happy with everything until I get to this part. You have to show up in person! How can you really get to know and trust someone enough to do a $300,000 transaction with them if you’ve never met them?

YES, go door to door. If you’ve been mailing postcards, it’s easy – just ask if they got your mailer! You can also create a pop-by goodie package with a playful pun and fun, seasonal, and useful items.

YES, be present at neighborhood or local events. Go to fairs, festivals, grand openings, and fundraising events! Is the baseball team doing a donation night at the local pizza place? Go, donate, mingle, and meet people! Go to local high school plays and concerts. BE PRESENT. It’s a great way to connect in a non-salesy way.

YES, find ways to be in the area. Walk your dog there, or borrow a friend’s dog. Take your kids to local parks. Or, just go for a walk! You can strike up a lot of friendly conversations just by being present.

Create a Community Page on Your Website

This is one of the ninja hacks that will make all of your other efforts take hold much more quickly. Create a community page or blog on your website that is focused on your farm area!

You don’t know how many times I’ve wondered what a new construction project is about, or felt like I was the last to know about a new restaurant or business. As a real estate agent, you can provide your prospects with all kinds of helpful information, from where there are Christmas light displays to what time the 4th of July parade begins.

To extend your reach even farther, share snippets of information on social media with a link back to your page. When people click, they will find other useful community events and information – and see all of the wonderful real estate work you’re doing as well!

Are You Ready for a Successful Farm This Year?

If you haven’t been consistent with farming, make this your year. Sign up for our email deals of the week and stay ahead of the game with farming postcards, pop-by supplies, and more.

Plus, take the time to get out into your farm area, and create a community page that shares information everyone wants to know. You’ll be the go-to Realtor® in the area in no time!

What are the most successful farm tactics in your area? Share in the comments!