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4 Ways to Master Farming in Your Local Area

Why Farming is Essential in Real Estate

We’re seeing a lot of our clients stock up on marketing materials at this time of year, and that’s awesome! We love to help set you up for success with business cards, postcards, and more.

Today, I want to share some secrets – and not-so-secrets – about how to be successful with the #1 way to build your brand: Farming in your local area!!

Farming is building up a consistent reputation in a target neighborhood or area through regular outreach. We’ll share the details on how to succeed here!

Choose the Right Farm Area

The first step to succeeding with a farm is to choose the right neighborhood(s).

You should pick an area close to where you live so that your farming efforts can be consistent without needing a lot of travel time. Also, scope out what other agents are already operating in that area. If a single agent already gets 80% of the listings, you’ll have a hard time getting in!

Look at how much buying and selling activity there is. Also, pay attention to the price point. Is that the demographic you’ll have an easy time connecting with? Will the area support you in your quest to be financially successful?

Finally, pay attention to whether you like the area yourself. It’s pretty difficult to sell a product you don’t believe in, so choose a farm area that you really enjoy!

Mail Postcards Once a Month

Once you have your target area, it’s time to introduce yourself! By using high-quality farming postcards once a month, you can meet people where there’s very little competition anymore – in their mailbox!

Usually, people only get bills (and election ads) in the mail these days. A colorful, bright, and fun postcard can mix things up, and will definitely get noticed!

By sending one once a month, you start to build consistency instead of being a one-off ad. People who didn’t notice your mailer in month one will start to pay attention in month three. Plus, it shows you’re really committed to the area, not just taking a scattershot approach.

Mailing monthly postcards doesn’t have to be expensive. We have deals on them all the time (sign up for our email list to get them!) and you can use Every Door Direct Mail to mail them to a farm. Postcard rates are less expensive than regular letters, too, so you can also use a mailing list!

Be Present in Person in Your Farm Area

A lot of time real estate agents are happy with everything until I get to this part. You have to show up in person! How can you really get to know and trust someone enough to do a $300,000 transaction with them if you’ve never met them?

YES, go door to door. If you’ve been mailing postcards, it’s easy – just ask if they got your mailer! You can also create a pop-by goodie package with a playful pun and fun, seasonal, and useful items.

YES, be present at neighborhood or local events. Go to fairs, festivals, grand openings, and fundraising events! Is the baseball team doing a donation night at the local pizza place? Go, donate, mingle, and meet people! Go to local high school plays and concerts. BE PRESENT. It’s a great way to connect in a non-salesy way.

YES, find ways to be in the area. Walk your dog there, or borrow a friend’s dog. Take your kids to local parks. Or, just go for a walk! You can strike up a lot of friendly conversations just by being present.

Create a Community Page on Your Website

This is one of the ninja hacks that will make all of your other efforts take hold much more quickly. Create a community page or blog on your website that is focused on your farm area!

You don’t know how many times I’ve wondered what a new construction project is about, or felt like I was the last to know about a new restaurant or business. As a real estate agent, you can provide your prospects with all kinds of helpful information, from where there are Christmas light displays to what time the 4th of July parade begins.

To extend your reach even farther, share snippets of information on social media with a link back to your page. When people click, they will find other useful community events and information – and see all of the wonderful real estate work you’re doing as well!

Are You Ready for a Successful Farm This Year?

If you haven’t been consistent with farming, make this your year. Sign up for our email deals of the week and stay ahead of the game with farming postcards, pop-by supplies, and more.

Plus, take the time to get out into your farm area, and create a community page that shares information everyone wants to know. You’ll be the go-to Realtor® in the area in no time!

What are the most successful farm tactics in your area? Share in the comments!

Creative Ways to Use Marketing Postcards

Creative Ways to Use Postcards

When you get marketing postcards, you usually think about mailing them. After all, that’s the most natural thing to do, right?

But what if I told you that you could do a LOT more than just mail postcards?

What if there were creative ways to use them to build your brand and spread the word about your business?

Spoiler: there are! 

Here are ideas that you can use today!

Use a Digital Version of the Postcard Online

Mail is great, but using the same marketing online as well is even better! You can order a digital version of your postcard and use it to promote your business online.

Share your brand and message on social media, on your website, and in your email campaigns. The best part about a digital version is that it’s not printed, so you can use it over and over without extra cost!

Consider getting digital versions of seasonal postcards and using them throughout the year as the holidays come up. Next year, you can use them again!

Connect Postcards to Events

You can use postcards creatively in the same way we talked about business cards – connect them to events that you’re having! It’s even easier because you don’t have to hand them out. You simply mail them to your list or using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)®.

Your postcards can serve as an entrance ticket to an event you’re holding or sponsoring. Someone who comes in with the postcard can get a free food item, drink, or snack. It can also be used to enter them into a raffle when they arrive.

Of course, when they turn in their postcard to enter the raffle, write their entry ticket number on the back of your business card and give it to them. You’ll be continuing to stay top-of-mind and they’ll hold onto the business card at least long enough to see if they’ve won.

Invite Prospects to Coffee or Tea on You

If want to really have fun and create a lot of presentation appointments, consider using a postcard to invite prospects to “coffee or tea on me” if they schedule a market analysis and home assessment presentation.

You can hand these postcards out during pop bys or mail them. Either way, invite them to call the office to schedule their appointment. After the appointment, you’ll hand them a coffee shop gift card for $5 or $10.

Free coffee for a market analysis they may already be interested in will help push them toward accepting. It’s a great way to generate calls.

To help build urgency, you might say, “Limited to the first 20 callers, so call today!”

Marketing Postcards Can Make a Big Difference

There’s a lot to be said for traditional farming, where you mail a seasonal or marketing postcard each month to your target market.

But don’t feel like that’s all you can do. The truth is there are a lot of creative ways to use marketing postcards. These three tips are just the beginning.

So share with us – what’s your favorite creative way to use postcards? Leave us a comment!

Fun Pop By Ideas for This Summer

Fun Pop By Ideas

Pop bys are a great way to engage your creative side. You get to work in some funny puns, put together some great goodie bags, and hand them out to the people you hope to work with in the future.

However, sometimes your creativity is a bit thin and you’re really busy with business. That doesn’t mean you should be skipping pop bys! You still need to be in your farm area and making face-to-face connections with those you want to serve.

Instead, take advantage of these fun pop bys we’ve found around the web and get your next goodie bag together. Your business will thank you!

“Any Way You Slice It, I’m Grateful For Your Referrals”

You can make this pop-by as upscale or simple as you like. Everything from a pie server to an apple slicer can be your primary goody, and there are a lot of options to buy online. Add to this a pie recipe (especially for apple pie!) and your business card, and you’re ready to go!

“Working With Me Saves a Mint!”

This is another flexible little slogan. You can use candy canes, Andes mints, or any peppermint treat. Put it together with this cute notecard, your contact information, and even an informational flyer about the importance of working with an agent.

Many sellers see an agent as an expense, not realizing how much of a difference you really make. Take the time to explain what you actually do and watch the referrals and appointments increase accordingly!

A Fun Treat From Your Pet

One way to have fun with your marketing is to take advantage of your cute pet! Whether it’s a dog, cat, or iguana, create a funny childish note from them. Include their picture and a cute (human) treat. You can say something like, “I luv treats and thought hoomans might like them too,” or something else cutely misspelled.

Bringing your pet into the equation is a great way to get a smile from the human you meet at the door, and it can boost referrals simply by being so memorable!

“Thanks For Helping This Neighborhood Bloom.”

People love being told they’re a good neighbor, so why not take advantage of this garden-themed message? You can hand out packets of flower seeds, a trowel, or inexpensive gardening gloves. Of course, also include your business card and other marketing information asking for a listing meeting or a referral.

Your efforts will help your business take root!

“Call Us For the Scoop on the Local Real Estate Market.”

This is another fun idea for the summer. A colorful ice cream scoop and this message can help drum up listing appointments and referrals. It’s a fun way to connect in your farm area and there’s almost no one who doesn’t like ice cream!

“If I Can Give You a Hand, Let Me Know.”

If you want to avoid food goodies, this slogan gives you a lot of flexibility. Everything from small bottles of hand sanitizer to lotion or even a branded clapper can make this a great pop by bundle.

You can include a flyer that shares some key details about the market and asks the recipient to contact you for an analysis of their home.

Have Fun With Pop Bys

These are just a few of the ideas I found online, and I thought they were a lot of fun! There’s no reason to let the busy season cause marketing doldrums.

Are you ready to make your next pop by bundle? Be sure your business cards are up to date, and take a look at our other materials that can help you with your marketing!

The Benefits of Every Door Direct Mail® This Selling Season

EDDM Postcard

Don’t you wish you could reach everyone in your target neighborhood without having to shell out money each year for an updated mailing list?

Guess what – you can! Not only can you hit everyone in your farm area, but you can also extend your reach into other areas quickly and easily. Of course, I’m talking about Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) which I strongly believe every real estate agent should take advantage of.

Take a look at the many benefits you can get with EDDM this selling season.

Save Money on Mailing Lists

When you use EDDM®, you don’t need to spend any money on a mailing list. Instead, you hit every home that’s on a specific mail route.

There’s no more need to annually update your mailing lists or spend hundreds of dollars if you decide to reach out to a new market. Instead, you can simply look at the mail routes that serve the area and set up an EDDM® campaign.

The USPS makes it easy to find the mail routes in your area. You have no excuse to not take advantage of this simple system.

Save Money on Postage

Bulk postage rates help you save money over regular first-class mail, but EDDM® saves you even more. With rates at $0.187 per piece, you literally can’t get a better deal.

Not only are you not paying your hard-earned money for mailing lists, but you’re also paying less for mailing per piece than you would with your normal bulk permit. It’s a complete win-win.

What can you do with the saved money? Maybe you can send your mailings more frequently. Maybe you can invest it in other areas of your business. Or maybe, you can just enjoy a little extra cash in your pocket.

Find a Printer

Saving money on mailers is only helpful if they actually make a difference in your bottom line. Also, to use EDDM® your mailings do have to be within specific size requirements. As a result, you need to choose a marketing printer that has experience with EDDM® and can help you design your pieces while maximizing the effectiveness of the marketing.

PrinterBees is happy to help you do exactly that. We have a variety of EDDM® specific mailers and we can help you customize and design them in a way that makes the most sense of your business.

With our marketing expertise and templates, we can help you design marketing pieces that get attention and communicate your message clearly. Not only that, we can help mail them for you as long as you provide the routes.

Are you ready to get started with EDDM® this selling season? Let us help. You can take a look at our templates today!

What Makes a Great Farming Postcard?

Farming Postcards

In much of the country, we are tired of winter!! It even snowed in Arizona, for goodness sake!

Some people feed their spring fever with seed catalogs, but we’re a bit different – we like to start thinking about the spring selling season!

Farming postcards are a vital way to stay connected to your target market no matter what time of year it is. What makes a farming postcard amazing?

Here are three tips for you!

Something That Catches the Eye

When you’re online or paging through your own mail, there are certain things that just make you stop and take notice.

Having that eye-catching element is vital for your marketing postcards as well. Make sure the postcard you choose has a funny picture, interesting quote, or question that makes someone think.

Once you catch someone’s attention, they’re more likely to look over the rest of your postcard. That’s how they’ll see your photo, your contact information, and your invitation to call or visit a website!

Useful & Relevant Information

One type of farming postcard that’s too often overlooked is the informational mailer. Why not include a recipe or a useful checklist on your marketing?

When you do, you help ensure that your mailing is kept rather than thrown in the trash right away. This not only reminds them of you each time they see it, it shows that you care about more than your brand. You want to make their life easier!

Remember that your marketing is always about your client’s needs, not your company. Make sure to address your customer’s needs when you send mailers. You can even target your message to families with a phrase like “Get settled before school starts,” or to empty nesters with “An empty nest can be cozy. I can help.”

Let the Reader Know What’s Next

No marketing piece is complete without an invitation to take the next step. I wrote about what makes a great call-to-action and you can definitely use these on postcards!

What is next for your potential client? Should they visit your website? Join a contest on social media? Call you for a home evaluation?

Decide what you’d like them to do and include that invitation on the postcard!

Don’t Give Up!

Sending a postcard once a year doesn’t do anyone any good. Ideally, you should send farming mailers once a month, and follow up with pop-bys as much as possible.

Sometimes figuring out which postcards to send can be overwhelming. Why not try our four-month spring and summer series? We have everything ready to go, and the postcards are full of useful, seasonal information.

Order your postcards now, and ask us how we can help make sure they are mailed on time, every time!

How to Build Your Business In Person

Build Your Business in Person

There are a lot of ways to be present in a target neighborhood, or farm area. You can send farming postcards regularly, share on social media, make phone calls, and much more.

However, there’s something to be said for being physically present. Being face-to-face brings a unique personal connection that nothing else can replicate.

Here’s how to build your real estate business with pop-bys and more!

Take a Walk

Not every in-person encounter has to be the result of door knocking, although they can be. Consider simply walking through your farm area at a time you think folks will be home and possibly outside.

To make things more natural, consider taking a pet with you. Pets are great conversation starters, and your dog (or cat, or lizard, or…) needs the exercise anyway!

No pets? No problem. Ask a friend who has a pet if you can take them for a walk. It’s just as good. Just be sure to pick up after the animals and dispose of the waste properly. You don’t want to make a bad impression.

Door Knock With Goodies

Going door-to-door can be intimidating, but if you know you have something good to offer you’ll have a lot more confidence. Try giving out a fun handout, like a word search or seasonal recipe. You can also include snacks, candy, and more.

It takes a bit of thought to put together good pop-by gifts, especially with many people on special diets these days. However, something like nuts or even dried fruit can be a good option for almost everyone.

You can also give away branded items, such as pens, magnets, and more.

Sponsor or Attend Local Events

Is there a 5K that people in your farm area might be attending? Is there a festival, fair, or other local event? If so, you need to be there!

You can attend simply as a participant or audience member if you want. Spend time, bring your family, and strike up conversations. Make sure you’re carrying business cards though – it’s a mix of business and pleasure!

If you want to take things a step further, be a sponsor for the event. Your business name will be featured on signs, t-shirts, and other materials. You can get your name out as someone who cares about that community, and you’ll have a higher visibility as you meet people and shake hands.

Get Face to Face!

Personal connections matter, even in the digital age we live in. Spend time getting out into your target neighborhood in person. Walk a dog, enjoy a park, go door to door, or go to an event.

The people you meet may be your next clients!

Do You Have the One Thing Most Realtors® Do Not?

Consistent FarmingIt seems like everyone is looking for the “silver bullet,” especially around the new year. We all want 2019 to be the year we really break through, the year we really succeed.

Unfortunately, a lot of folks like to take advantage of that. They say they have found the key to real estate success and they’re willing to sell it to you – for a hefty fee.

Unfortunately, I have bad news. Those people don’t have the key.

But I know what it is. And it’s completely free. 

The Power of Continuing

The first of the year is full of people “starting.” It’s a great time to begin fresh!

People start resolutions. They start new business initiatives. They start new social media campaigns.

But here’s what they don’t do – and it is the single key to standing out from other real estate agents.

They don’t continue. 

Very simply, they get started, but they don’t keep going. They stop. By March 1, the gym clothes are in the back of the closet, the business project funding has been reallocated, and the social media page is a ghost town.

What about you? 

Continuing is Hard

The one thing that most Realtors® don’t have – which is completely free and within your grasp – is persistence.

They start with postcard marketing. They get some farming materials. They plan to get out into their target neighborhood.

But they don’t follow through.

Continuing is hard! It takes effort. It takes focus. It takes intention. It takes being willing to the boring, unglamorous stuff so that in the future you’ll have the clients that give you the glamorous deals.

Top agents don’t stop. They’re planting seeds with marketing today that will pay dividends in the spring and summer moving season.

Are You Ready for the Moving Season?

The time to start marketing for the moving season is not March. It’s NOW.

And when do you stop marketing for moving season? You don’t!

If your marketing is consistent year-round, your business will be too. You’ll win the market in your farm area, simply because you did a single thing – you kept going when everyone else stopped.

Are you ready to be successful? The time to set up your marketing is now!

How PrinterBees Can Help

We understand that it’s hard. In fact, sometimes it’s the “simple” parts that are the hardest.

Here are the two things we run into most often:

  • Realtors® don’t know which farming postcards to choose!
  • It’s hard to keep the mailing consistent even if you order consistently

We can help with both! When you order from PrinterBees, we can help you choose the farming postcards that are best for your market. We’ll let you know what’s the most popular and what others have reported success with.

We can also use our bulk mailing permit to arrange mailing for the postcards you order from us. We can ensure they go out on schedule, and you can stay focused on other parts of your business.

We don’t just sell marketing, we give personal service tailored to your specific needs!

Ready to get started? Take a look at our farming postcards today! Get those out once a month. Follow up with a personal pop-by visit each month. And keep going!

A 3 Step Real Estate Farming Strategy For Success in 2019

Real Estate Farming Strategy

Everyone has heard of real estate farming, but few agents are consistent in their approach. Unfortunately, a scattershot approach that’s done occasionally (or “when you have time”) is not going to be successful.

This leads some real estate agents to decide that farming is not a successful strategy. Nothing could be further from the truth! You just need a system that you implement consistently.

Here’s a real estate farming strategy to implement in 2019. If you stay consistent with it, by this time next year your target neighborhood will know your name and be starting to know, like, and trust you!

Use Monthly Farming Postcards

Real estate farming can be done online, but you should start the old-fashioned way – with farming postcards.


Because there’s less competition in the mailbox than ever. Think about it – do you get anything other than bills in the mail? Unless it’s an election season, the answer is no!

When you send a colorful, seasonal postcard that matches the current month or upcoming holiday, you’ll be consistently building your brand and getting recognition.

Do you struggle to get your postcards mailed on time? We understand! That’s why at PrinterBees we’re willing to arrange mailing for you. Just select and customize your postcards, give us the list, and they will be out on time each month!

Follow Up With a Door Knocking Visit

Sending postcards is a great start, but you need to follow it up face-to-face to cement the connection. Build once-a-month door knocking into your schedule.

All you need to do is ask if they received your postcard, and you’ve got an automatic conversation starter. If you get tired of doing that, come up with a different question – ask if they know their home value, or if they’re active on Facebook and would like to follow your neighborhood-focused Facebook page.

What Facebook page? Well that’s the next part of the strategy!

Bring Online and Offline Together with a Community Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page centered on your farm area and invite local residents to follow it. You can include the information on your farming postcards, on doorhanger that you use during pop-bys, or even run targeted Facebook ads to folks who live in that area.

On your Facebook page, share relevant information about the area. Talk about festivals, new restaurants, yard sales, even lost pets. You can share helpful information about how to maintain a home.

Of course, you can also share information about how to get a home ready to list and offer home valuation appointments. However, if that’s the main purpose of the page, people will quickly leave.

You can also throw contests in return for sharing posts from your Facebook business page. Be sure to hand out prizes in person so you can actually meet folks, and ask permission to share a picture of your meeting in the group.

Your community page is also a great place to practice your Facebook Live videos – and encourage your members to share them.

This type of online-mixed-with-offline interaction will help you build relationships quickly!

Stay Consistent With Your Efforts

These three simple approaches, executed consistently, will bring your brand an entirely new level by the beginning of 2020.

Are you ready to become the go-to expert in your farm area? Start with farming postcards every month, follow up with a visit, and use a community Facebook page to connect even further. You’ll be amazed at your success!

Gaining Business with Unusual Postcards

We have a special BOGO deal on seasonal, Halloween, and Fall Back postcards this week. Read to the end for details!

Recipe Postcard

I’ve been getting a lot more postcards lately, but they’re all the political variety. Unfortunately, there’s nothing unusual about them. There’s a big photo of the candidates face, a list of issues, and sometimes some negatives about their opponent.

Blah. Toss.

If you’ve been sending postcards regularly to your farm area, you may wonder what you can do to switch it up and stand out. There’s certainly nothing wrong with eye-catching farming postcards. But what about taking it a step further?

Here are some ideas for unusual postcards that can gain interest and stick around your prospects house awhile.

Word Search Postcards

Word searches are always a fun way to pass the time. Why not incorporate one onto a postcard?

You can do a small one on a 4X6, or a larger word search on an oversized mailer. For even more fun, do a large mailer using Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®.) You can reach a large geographic area with no mailing list, and save on postage at the same time!

You can also do variations on the word search theme by sending postcards with other puzzles – anagrams are always fun, as are trivia, riddles, and Sudoku.

When you send a puzzle, your recipient will probably at least try to solve it before they throw the piece away – which can mean days or weeks on their desk, waiting to be attended to. It will also help your name stand out as someone who sends interesting materials.

Recipe Postcards

So many people absolutely love recipes – especially women, who figure prominently in home buying and selling decisions. Consider doing a recipe postcard – or even a series of recipes – as your farming outreach for a few months!

Recipes can be even better than puzzles because they are generally used many, many times. And, folks who love them never have enough. One of my colleagues has a cookbook collection of over 100 titles, and is always looking for more!

If you’re concerned that your recipe postcard will get tucked away and never see the light of day, include a comment on the postcard encouraging them to post it on the fridge. You can say, “I want you to be able to easily contact me anytime – and to enjoy this delicious recipe as well!”

Postcard Magnets

You can make almost anything into a magnet, including postcards! A large high-quality magnet is something people can put on their fridge, and because it’s postcard-sized it will stand out among any other magnets or papers.

A postcard magnet is a great way to get your face and contact information in front of people regularly in a size that catches the eye and reminds them to contact you.

Fun Seasonal Postcards

Seasonal postcards are a great way to stay in touch because they are always timely and relatable. Far from being generic, a well-timed Fall Back postcard can be put on the fridge or posted on a bulletin board until the date comes.

Postcards that remind folks of Halloween or other holidays in fun, cheery ways are often very welcome as well. People keep them around, remember who you are, and make a connection that you send timely marketing – which is important to sellers!

Interested in kicking off some seasonal marketing this fall? We have a special BOGO deal! If you buy 500 seasonal postcards, you get 500 free! 

Just use the promotional code SEASONAL18. Deal ends September 28th, 2018.


What’s your favorite unusual postcard idea? Share in the comments!

5 Reasons Postcards Still Matter in the Digital Age

Reminder – PrinterBees is running a special on farming postcards this week only! Read to the bottom for details! 

Postcard Marketing

Some Realtors® are starting to think that print marketing no longer matters – being digital is the only avenue you need to market your business.

Unfortunately, that’s FAR from true! The reality is that you need a strong marketing mix, which includes print, email, social media, and your website. When you bring all of these together consistently over time, your business can’t be beat.

Here are five reasons that postcards still matter in this digital age.

Branding & Visibility

Do you know who sends postcards to build their brand?


Yep. THAT Google.

They understand the importance of being visible in as many areas as possible. It’s vital to show up all over the place if you want to build a strong, recognizable brand.

Does your brokerage do a lot of advertising? GREAT! But that doesn’t mean that your personal brand doesn’t need work. Why should someone choose you over others in your agency?

Using postcards builds up your brand in a very important way. There is far less competition in the mailbox than anywhere else. Your marketing efforts go a lot further as a result!!

Even Millennials Love Print

The millennial generation is a group everyone loves to tease, but the reality is that these 22 – 37-year-olds are the core of the home buying market right now.

Research by Quad/Graphics found that 82% of millennials said they would engage with retail print marketing. There’s just something unique about getting a postcard in the mail that social media and email can’t match!

If you’re looking to engage with buyers and sellers that are in the prime homeowning years – where growing families and ongoing changes encourage frequent moves – you want to use print marketing.

Having Something to Touch Matters

Another study showed that physical materials are actually processed differently by the brain. Tactile stimulation connects with emotions more readily, and it becomes part of long-term memory more easily.

Great marketing is all about engaging the emotions of your recipient and getting them to remember your name and face. Clearly, print marketing does that better than digital offerings!

Reading physical print also activates a different part of the brain than browsing online does. We are more immersed in and receptive to material that we physically read, where similar items seen online just don’t have that effect.

People Keep Postcards

When you’re facing a barrage of digital marketing, it’s “out of sight, out of mind.” As soon as we click away, we forget all about it.

On the other hand, postcards are something people are more likely to keep. They lay them aside, and then pick them up a day or two later and are reminded about you again.

If you send useful postcards – like daylight savings reminders, recipes, or home tips – they may keep them even longer. There’s nothing like useful information to give someone a reason to keep your marketing on hand!

You Can Combine Print and Digital Marketing

None of this is meant to imply that digital marketing is something you shouldn’t pursue. At PrinterBees, we believe strongly in having a marketing mix that brings together the best of every platform.

Use your print marketing to invite people to visit your website, blog, or Facebook community group. Use your online platforms to encourage people to sign up for mailings from you. When you combine your marketing efforts, you’ll be where people are at the time that they’ll see you.

Most of all, combining print and digital marketing allows you to increase the number of times someone sees your message. This helps build your brand – there’s nothing like repetition to get into people’s heads!

Use Consistent Postcard Marketing Today

Like all marketing, postcard marketing has to be consistent to be effective. We recommend sending a farming postcard to your farm area once a month.

You can do a brand new postcard each month, or you can choose 3 – 4 and rotate through them. Either way, you want people to have your name, face, and information physically in their hands on a regular basis.

Ready to get started? PrinterBees is doing a special on 4X6 farming postcards this week only! You can get 1000 for $99* by using the promo code NEWFARMING today! Promotion ends on September 7th, 2018.


*New orders only, please! Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Applies only to farming postcards, 4X6 size. Expires September 7th, 2018.