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A Lesson From Rick Pitino – Why Homes Don’t Sell

Importance of proper pricing

I saw an interesting article the other day about Rick Pitino’s Indian Creek Mansion. He’s been putting it on and off the market for 10 years – so why hasn’t it sold?

Like most mansions, it’s not for a lack of amenities. But it is falling prey to some of the common problems that home sellers have – no matter how big the house is.

So whether your next client is selling a $20 million mansion or a $250,000 ranch home, help them learn from Rick Pitino’s mistakes so their home can sell quickly and profitably.

Sometimes It’s the View

It’s very hard to imagine that a home on Indian Creek would be lacking a view, but Mr. Pitino’s home does suffer in that regard. Instead of facing the bay, it faces a canal. That makes it less desirable – but the premium pricing doesn’t reflect that.

When you talk to home sellers about the price they’d like, remind them that unchangeable things about the home – including location, view, and lot size – can make a big difference. Unless they want to spend a decade selling their home, they should price that in!

What Does the Buyer Want to Do?

One expert reviewing Pitino’s listing pointed out that most people buying a mansion there don’t want someone else’s mansion, they want a posh living space of their own design. This is especially true if the home wasn’t built in the last 10 years.

As a result, it’s the land value that affects Pitino’s home the most, not the property itself. Buyers want a wow factor, not an “old home.”

And it doesn’t help that Rick’s home is on a smaller lot than most in the area – 1.23 acres compared to the usual 2 acres.

As you review your seller’s listing, think about what a buyer will want from the property. Help them understand the impact of the land value vs. the value of the building. It’s unlikely that a buyer will ignore the home’s value, but they may not place as much of a premium on it as the seller does.

How Motivated is the Seller?

One problem Pitino has with prospective buyers is that it doesn’t seem like he’s that interested in selling. After all, he doesn’t seem to need the money, and he didn’t exactly price the home to move.

If the seller isn’t motivated, especially on a high-value home, buyers will move on. The same is true for your clients. If they aren’t particularly motivated to sell, they may be very picky with buyers and squash deal for little reason.

Be sure you – and your clients! – understand their true motivation before you all sign a listing contract to work together.

Price, Price, Baby

In the end, the reason Rick Pitino’s home hasn’t sold is a simple issue of high pricing vs. perceived value. The price he set doesn’t take into account the variety of drawbacks that potential sellers see with the property.

You know, as a real estate agent, that the most important thing you can do is get your sellers to choose a reasonable price. Perhaps you can use the example of Pitino’s non-starter to help them see the light!

Getting ready for a listing presentation? Be sure your business cards are in order, and consider getting some real estate brochures as well!

Can You Explain Your Commission?

Explain Commission

The internet has multiplied competition in real estate. Instead of competing against Realtors® from your immediate area, you’re competing with folks from all over the state and even country offering to help buyers and sellers.

As a result, there’s been downward pressure on commissions. A lot of agents are offering extremely low commissions – of course, for cut-rate service. But that can be hard to see when you’re a seller fearful of costs.

As a professional full-service Realtor®, what can you do to help sellers understand your value – and your commission?

Here are some tips.

Explain the Commission Split

Some sellers think that if they do an FSBO or low-cost selling service, they’re saving 6% commission. Of course, they aren’t – they are only saving some of the 3% that would go to a listing agent.

They still need to pay 3% to a buyer’s agent when the deal closes.

Many times, once the seller understands that they aren’t saving nearly as much as they thought, the dramatic loss of service doesn’t seem as acceptable.

You can help them understand that you provide far more value than your 3% portion of the commission.

Offer Premium Real Estate Marketing

A low-cost agent isn’t going to offer much more than an MLS listing and the transfer of that listing to online marketing portals.

When you can lay out a comprehensive, premium marketing plan, you’ll really stand out. The seller will immediately realize that you’re providing a great value.

Here are some elements of a premium plan:

  • Print Marketing. By using a series of postcards to generate interest in the property, you’ll be able to target specific types of potential buyers in a place with little competition – the mailbox. We recommend a series that includes “coming soon”, “just listed”, “open house”, and “just sold” to maximize exposure.
  • Social Media Marketing. Go beyond the MLS and portals for your clients by letting them know how you’ll promote their listing on social media. Mention professional photos, Facebook strategy, and more.
  • Connecting With Other Realtors®. You can find a buyer even more quickly when you connect with other agents. Tell the seller how you’ll network to help them find a buyer fast.

When you explain all the value you bring to their home listing, they’ll understand that you’re well worth your commission.

Talk About the Work of a FSBO or a Using Low-Cost Agent

When a homeowner chooses a cut-rate agent, they naturally end up doing more of the work themselves. However, they aren’t trained for, or familiar with, real estate, so it takes them much longer and they are much more likely to make mistakes.

Many times a seller doesn’t realize how much goes into selling a home. Ask these types of questions:

  • Are you a well-trained negotiator? How do you think you will fare with a buyer’s agent who is?
  • How do you plan to promote your home and reach those most likely to buy?
  • Do you intend to send your own postcards or do your own open houses?
  • Are you prepared to handles dozens of calls and questions from people who don’t even end up seeing your home?
  • Do you have the time and energy to arrange for dozens of home showings?

These types of questions can help open a seller’s eyes to exactly what’s involved, and it will help them understand why you’re worth your commission!

How do you explain your commission in today’s market? Share in the comments!

Where Does YOUR Business Come From?

Sphere of Influence

I was recently delighted to see the following question posted in a real estate agent group I participate in. The question was, “Where did your last listing come from?”

There were over 400 answers! It is a wealth of information about how Realtors® get business today. Since you’re not in the group, I wanted to share the most common answers with you here.

If you’re not doing these things, you’re missing out! Why not get listings in the same ways that work for other agents?

Sphere of Influence

The hands-down winner was sphere of influence (SOI) and referrals from the sphere of influence. Very simply, building and expanding your sphere is the most impactful thing you can do for your business!!

What are some ways agents said their SOI came through for them?

  • Referral from another Realtor®
  • Referrals from friends and family
  • Direct listings from friends, family, or associates
  • Past clients working with them again
  • Referrals from past clients

If you’re not networking (don’t worry, it can be fun!) then you need to start today. If you haven’t reached out to your network or SOI in a while, take the time. You don’t need to do everyone at once, but set a goal to reach out to at least five folks a week.

You can use email, the phone, text, social media, or mailed notecards to send a personal note and reconnect with someone you know. Ask how they’re doing, offer to get together, and ask if they know anyone who might need a Realtor®.

Follow Up With Past Leads

One agent shared a client source that almost made me fall over. “An open house visitor from two years ago.”

Two years ago!

That, my friends, is the power of follow-up. Other folks shared that they had a sign call 18 months ago and continued to follow up. Another gave advice to an FSBO and then followed up for weeks, eventually winning the listing.

If you aren’t persistent, you’ll never serve all the clients that need your help.

Trust me, there’s no reason to give up. Continue to reach out regularly, whether that means weekly for a recent lead or monthly for an older one. Don’t let them forget you! If you don’t let anyone fall through the cracks, you’ll be richly rewarded in your business.

How should you stay in touch? Why not add folks to your monthly farming postcard mailing? That way, they’ll hear from you regularly all year long.

Rocking That Marketing

Besides sphere of influence and consistent follow-up, the biggest category where folks got listings was good old-fashioned marketing.

One agent shared they talk to buyers who place offers on the listing they represent. They ask that buyer if they need to sell a home in order to purchase, and sure enough they said yes!

Others shared that they called FSBOs, contacted expireds, talked to folks at open houses, sent direct mail, and got business through their website. Some folks even asked their buyer clients if they also needed to sell a home.

Having a strong SOI and being absolutely persistent in your follow up will help your traditional marketing pay off. With traditional marketing and networking as the foundation of your business, all you need is tenacity to succeed.

How did you win your last listing? Share in the comments!

What Home Renovations Help a Listing Most?

High Impact Renovations

As a Realtor®, you’re used to giving advice. People ask you everything, and if they’re your clients they have even more questions for you.

Are you ready to give the right advice to your listing clients? They need to know what it takes to sell their home quickly and for the best price. While some of the tips and low-cost improvements are timeless, others may be different than they were 10 or even five years ago.

Here are the home renovations that will make the most difference to your listings. Encourage your sellers to take these steps!

Insulate the Attic

No matter where you live, home insulation is an important feature of local homes. In warm climates, it’s a key way to keep the cooling bills down. In most of the country, insulation is even more essential – it keeps your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

The energy savings with home insulation means that this is a highly desirable upgrade. In fact, attic insulation, in particular, will get you more than 100% of your investment back (which is really unusual for any improvement)!

Boost Renewable Energy

Recently a friend was telling me about yet another electricity price hike in her area. The residents are frustrated and don’t want it approved, but there isn’t another choice for electricity. My friend was pretty resigned about it – “They’re going to get their money.”

But what if they didn’t? What if a home had alternate energy sources that helped offset the use of electricity – or even allowed you to sell it back to the electric company?

Adding a solar panel system to gather and store energy in lithium solar batteries can add incredible value to a home. Obviously this isn’t something that can be done overnight, and it’s a huge investment for a home someone plans to simply sell.

However, a lot of people are interested in renewable energy and may be planning to make this type of upgrade anyway. You can always let a friend or potential client know that it can add a lot of value to the home.

Improve Landscaping

A perennial favorite (see what I did there?), improving landscaping is an upgrade that will always make a big difference. The yard and porch are the first things that a potential buyer sees when they drive up to the property, and it’s essential to make a good first impression.

Of course, having a well-groomed yard is important, but so is showcasing the home by using plants and flowers to draw the eye. There is an art to landscaping much like there is to staging, so advise homeowners to talk to a pro before investing.

Mini Makeovers

Many of the same things that would make a “makeover in a weekend” TV show are also excellent for homeowners trying to sell. Doing a quick improvement of kitchen cabinet pulls and handles, adding cabinets, or finding ways to make space look more open can all boost the appeal of a home.

The best part of mini-makeovers is that they generally have mini-budgets. A listing client doesn’t have to break the bank to get great results and sell their home quickly.

Are You Reaching Out to Homeowners Regularly?

You already know that real estate is not a “build it and they will come” enterprise. You have to constantly be building your network and reaching out to new potential clients.

One of the best ways to make connections – especially in the busy season – is by sending regular farming postcards. We have a lot of templates to choose from – take a look today!

What renovations or improvements do you recommend to clients? Share in the comments!

How to Make a Successful Listing Video

Listing Videos

Video is hot, hot, hot. People love to watch them, and marketing of any kind that includes video tends to be more successful than marketing that does not.

As we move into the busy season, it’s time to take advantage of video to promote your listings. By using listing videos, you can showcase the best parts of a home in real-time, helping buyers who visit the home be more serious about the property.

How do you make a successful listing video? Take a look at these tips.

Consider Live vs. Prerecorded

We have talked before about the power of using Facebook Live to do a virtual walkthrough. If you have a strong following, you’ll have people join you in real time. You can answer questions and highlight various aspects of the home.

However, it’s important to be experienced with live video before you decide to do a live walkthrough. You need to be skilled at using your phone to showcase the area around you and be able to move smoothly (or use tools that can make the picture less jerky.)

Instead, you might want to do a professional prerecorded tour. These videos should be no more than five minutes, but they should highlight all areas of the home. By hiring a professional, you’ll get footage of the right parts of the home and the professional editing that will bring it all together seamlessly.

It will cost you a few hundred dollars, but it’s worth it to get a high-quality marketing piece that will bring in top dollar buyers.

Engage Viewers Right Away

The biggest mistake you can make in a listing video is starting it off with you talking. Folks want to see the home! If they see you, they may click away before they ever get through the walkthrough.

Instead, go straight into the most compelling parts of the home. You can talk about the home behind the camera, and it’s perfectly fine to share your name and company. However, the focus of the shot should be of the beautiful property.

At the end of the tour, you can invite viewers to contact you and include a shot of your business card with all of your contact information.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Once you have a video made, it’s like any other type of marketing. You have to promote it!

Include the link to the video on your Just Listed postcards, put it on social media, and include it on your website. If the property is listed on Trulia or Zillow, make sure a link to your video is part of that listing as well.

People love video and they almost always start shopping online. If you put the video link in strategic places, you’ll get views.

Use a Strong Listing Strategy

Being in a seller’s market doesn’t give us an excuse to sit back and be lazy about our promotion strategies. We still need to be at the top of our games, because what we do today becomes our portfolio for the next listing presentation.

Take time to use a mixed strategy that involves promotional postcards, online outreach, yard signs, and more. The home will sell quickly and for top dollar, and you’ll be glad you put in the time – especially in the next buyer’s market!

Convincing Clients of the Importance of Proper Pricing

Importance of proper pricing

As Realtors®, we tend to understand the market that we’re working in. We know what the comps for a home are, and we know how quickly the market is moving in that area.

That doesn’t mean that home sellers listen to our advice. Unfortunately, we often have to engage in a significant amount of negotiation with our own clients before we can successfully list a home!

Some Realtors® are willing to fudge the listing price a bit in order to win a listing. Don’t let that be you! Here are some reasons it’s vital to price it right from the start.

Dangers of High Pricing

Many parts of the U.S. are in a strong seller’s market right now, and that might be putting dollar signs in your clients’ eyes. They may think that because Mr. Johnson sold HIS house for 35% above list, they can expect a similarly high price.

Unfortunately, these sellers often don’t understand the nuances that make homes sell for different prices. Maybe Mr. Johnson is closer to a desirable school or work area. Maybe there’s an extra bedroom or the basement is finished.

Help your seller understand that each home is different, and listing too high can scare buyers away. In fact, your client may miss out on the chance to benefit from a bidding war simply because buyers won’t put in offers on a home that’s already at the top of the market.

Even if your seller does manage to get an offer at the high price they want, there’s a good chance that the appraisal will come in below that number. The buyer will only get a mortgage for the appraised value, so they end up having to pay the difference – or more likely, they’ll move on to another home that’s more reasonably priced.

Pitfalls of Low Prices

Of course, we want to avoid the other extreme as well. A highly motivated buyer might say that “they’re fine with whatever price, as long as it sells quickly.” Help them understand that an appropriate price actually will sell more quickly than a rock-bottom bargain.

Part of the reason for this is that people are wary of things that are “too good to be true.” They will assume there’s something seriously wrong with the property and steer clear. At the same time, folks who want to take advantage of your seller will show up and try to negotiate even less.

Find a way to price a home to move quickly but not in such a way that people assume it’s a sinkhole waiting to happen!

Your Professional Reputation is On the Line

It isn’t fair, but if the seller doesn’t get the deal they wanted, they’ll blame you, not their insistence on an unreasonable price. So don’t be shy about standing your ground!

If you price a home poorly it will sit for sale for weeks, even in a strong market. That makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. After all, that’s your sign in the yard!

Take your role in pricing a home seriously. Use comps and market trends, and be sure to remind the seller about appraisals as well. Bad pricing costs everyone time and money, but great pricing moves a home quickly and makes you the hero.

And once you’re a hero, well, it’s the perfect time to give them your business card and ask for referrals!

Three Ways to Improve Your Listing Photos For 2019

Listing Photos

New year, new you! Are you ready to give your business an important boost in 2019?

One key way to make sure your properties stand out from other listings is to ensure that your photos really pop. If you’re still using a cell phone with questionable lighting, it’s time to STOP! 

89% of buyers who search online for homes find photos to be the most important part of the listing. If your photos aren’t up to par, they will pass over your property.

The result? A longer time on the market, a lower offer, and a more frustrating process.

Nobody has time for that! Instead, take advantage of these three ways to improve your photos this year.

Create Split or Collaged Photos

Interested in giving an at-a-glance overview of how the home looks? While you should definitely have a variety of single photos, consider making the first of the set a combination picture.

You can use sections of some of the best parts of the home and create a two- or three-way split photo, or even a collage of exterior and interior images.

This quick-view will give the buyer an initial impression of the home before they scroll through all your images. It’s a great way to grab interest and help ensure the buyer goes deeper into the photo set!

Using split photos or collages will definitely help you stand out from other listings as well.

Highlight the Best Feature of Each Room

If the main living space has incredible crown molding and architecture, but your photo is focused on the seller’s sofa and TV, you’re making a major mistake.

Remember, your listing photos should focus on what the buyer is looking for, not what the seller already has. Don’t present the seller’s belongings – they won’t be there after the move. Instead, focus on the very best parts of each room that the buyer gets to keep!

As you take photos of each space, or your have your professional photograph do so, be sure you’re asking “What do I want to show off here? What would I point out if I was giving a tour?”

Make those things the focus of your images!

Include Videos With Your Listing Photos

Photos are a static image and many people wonder if they’ve been manipulated to enhance the good and remove the bad. Boost a buyer’s confidence by including video!

Virtual tours or even a 360-degree shot of a room can really give a buyer a great sense of how the space looks and feels. You’ll want to make sure the video is professionally done, rather than a shaky cell-phone clip.

When you do a virtual tour, you gain a lot more than just a clip to include on the listing. You can use the video on social media to showcase the listing, which helps get a lot more eyes on the home.

Video is a big deal and people love them. Take advantage of that with your listings this year!

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

A wise real estate agent uses their marketing collateral in as many ways as possible. Take those polished split photos or incredible single-room shots and incorporate them into your Just Listed postcards, or put them on your marketing flyers!

When you have beautiful, professional photos and video, there’s no end to how you can use them to promote your listing. Don’t miss this important way to stand out in 2019!

Don’t Be a “Secret Agent” in 2019: Get More Listings

Get Listings in 2019

Getting listings is a vital part of building your business. A lot of new agents focus on being buyer’s agents when they first start, and as a result they end up being a Secret Agent.

A Secret Agent is the one the public has no idea is involved in the transaction. Whose name is on the sign? Whose name is on the social media ads about the home? Whose name is on the website promoting the property?

The listing agent.

Every. Time.

If you’re ready to stop being a secret agent, it’s time to build the listing side of your business. Here’s how to get more listings in 2019!

Consistent Farming

Farming – sending materials and holding events in a specific area to build your brand – is a vital part of succeeding in real estate.

The biggest problem for many real estate agents is that they aren’t consistent with these things. They send three mailings a year and wonder why they aren’t getting results.

Here’s the farming strategy that can help you increase listings:

  • Farming postcards or mailings once a month
  • Door knocking once a month (following up on mailings!)
  • Participating in local events where residents will be
  • Interacting with folks from that neighborhood on social media
  • Sharing proof of your success – sold homes, etc – along with helpful tips

When you take these steps, you’re showing not only your expertise but also your professionalism and persistence. That’s the kind of Realtor® people want to list with!

Be an Advocate for Sellers

Too many Realtors® seem to act like predators – “hunting” leads and “taking them down” for the “win.”

The reason FSBOs and Expired Listings can be hard to approach is that they sense that you’re in it for YOU, not for THEM.

Flip the script. Be an advocate for a seller. Approach FSBOs and expired listings with helpful tips and a contact number. Don’t pounce – encourage, and when they are ready for professional help they’ll be more likely to choose you.

Sellers – and everyone else – can tell who’s “hunting” and who’s actually HELPING. Be a helper, and you’ll get a lot more listings!

Consider Working With Investors

Investors are moving a lot of properties and can be a great source of listings. If you can connect with that community, you can become a go-to Realtor®, which is an enormous boon.

Why not get a report on anyone who owns three or more properties in your area? Connect with them, provide real value, and be willing to help them sell when they’re ready.

Just like when you approach expired listings and FSBO’s, you need to be honestly interested in service rather than hunting for new prospects. The investors will be able to tell if you’re not really in it for them.

Take the Long View

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s that quick success isn’t success at all. If you want a business that will grow over time and provide a solid foundation for your future, you need to take the long-term view.

Invest your time in farming postcards. Spend time in your target neighborhoods. Build relationships with sellers and investors that are built on true service.

If you do this consistently in 2019, a year from now you won’t even recognize your business!


How do you plan to focus on listings in 2019? Share in the comments!

How to Enhance Curb Appeal in the Winter

Winter Curb Appeal

Getting listings photographed, marketed, and ready to show is challenging at any time of year, but the winter can seem especially difficult.

In much of the country, winter is a drab and dreary season. It’s often marked by bad weather, frigid temperatures, snow, and ice.

While your first priority is to make sure the walk and porch are clear and safe, there’s more to consider as well. How do you make a home look amazing – with excellent curb appeal – when it’s wintertime? Here are a few great ideas.

Take Advantage of Holidays

Tasteful holiday decorations can really make a house look and feel homey. While you may not want an inflatable Rudolph blowing in the wind, a wreath, some colorful lights, and even a stack of firewood give an inviting feel.

Carrying the tasteful holiday décor indoors can make the home inviting and warm, helping give the prospective buyer a sense of happiness and cheer.

Many people have great memories of the holidays. Taking advantage of a nearby holiday can give you excellent curb appeal with little extra effort.

If there is no upcoming holiday, simple tasteful evergreen and other winter decorations can still give a warm cozy effect outside.

Refresh the External Paint

Because winter is often a very bare time, any external flaws in the home become especially noticeable. Old or flaked pain will be extremely obvious when there are no trees, plants, or grass to distract attention from it.

To give the home a clean, crisp feel that mirrors the weather, consider encouraging the homeowners to give the outside a fresh coat of paint. If that isn’t possible, at least touch up the most obvious areas that need attention.

Having a clean, fresh coat of paint can make the home look great even in the dead of winter!

Clean Up Yard Clutter

Normally, when a family lives in a home during the winter, there can be a variety of family toys and other items outside. Sleds, toys, snowblowers, and more can be scattered around the property.

However, when a family is getting ready to move, the rules change. Just like there shouldn’t be a lot of personalization inside, there shouldn’t be any outside either.

Remind homeowners that it’s vital to keep the outside as neutral as possible to maximize winter curb appeal. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make it attractive, but that the look needs to help the buyer feel like it’s already their home.

Use Evergreens and Artificial Shrubs to Add Color

If you are working in an area that doesn’t have a lot of snow, keeping yards clear of leaves and debris is essential. With some work, you can give potential buyers an idea how the area might look in the spring and summer.

In colder areas, work with evergreen potted plants and even artificial shrubs to add color, texture, and interest to the front of the home. Think of it as staging, except outside!

When you add some hardy and colorful elements, they will draw the buyers’ eye. Not only will it look great, but it will help distract from any other less-attractive elements of the house.

Get Your Marketing Ready for Winter!

As we often say, consistency is the only way to keep your momentum going throughout the year. As you continue to build your brand and reputation, don’t forget to showcase those beautiful winter listings.

We can help you with Just Listed and Just Sold postcards that show off your professional winter listing photos. Contact us today!

Don’t SPOOK Buyers Away From Your Listing!

Don't SPOOK Buyers

Halloween is next week, so why not talk about some of the mistakes sellers make that SPOOK buyers? You can use this list as a reminder for your next listing, or take these ideas and make a checklist for your next listing client.

Whether you’re selling a single-family home or working with an investor on a multifamily property, you want to make sure to avoid these mistakes so you can sell your listing quickly for top dollar!


There’s no one who sees an awful yard and doesn’t think, “What else have these people failed to take care of?”

A seller might think that the yard isn’t that important, but you know better. A cluttered yard, lack of landscaping, and overgrown areas send a message of neglect.

When really obvious things are completely ignored, buyers are going to think a lot of hidden things are wrong too. There’s nothing more spooky than a yard disaster at your listing!

A BOO-BOO in Pricing

Poor pricing can happen for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a Realtor® is inexperienced – or dishonest – and prices a property too high. Other times a seller is unreasonable and insists on a price that’s far too high for the market. Of course, too high of a price will keep buyers focused on someone else’s property.

Of course, pricing mistakes can go the other way. A seller may be too desperate to sell, or a Realtor® may think a below-market price will help a property move quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. A property priced too low sends a message that something is wrong with it, which scares buyers away.

SCARY Décor Inside

Everyone who lives in a home decorates it so that it reflects their unique personality. They have their collectables, their art, and their passions on full display.

That’s absolutely perfect – until it’s time to sell the home. Some sellers are resistant to putting away their personal belongings and making the home more neutral. Perhaps they don’t want the move to feel so real yet. Often, they don’t see anything “wrong” with their décor.

Technically, there’s nothing “wrong” with it – it just isn’t going to appeal to other people! Help your sellers understand that during the sale they need to pretend the home isn’t theirs anymore. They can get their personal belongings ready for their new home, which can be decorated exactly how they like it.

GHASTLY Photographs

51% of buyers find the home the buy online. That means that the photographs need to be on point. If you’re not a professional photographer, be sure to hire one before you put your listing on the market.

Have a list of standard shots that you get for each listing. Make sure surfaces are clear and that there are only a few decorative items, if any. Make sure your lighting is excellent, whether you use internal lights or natural lighting.

Remember, finding a property online doesn’t just refer to real estate portals. It also includes social media, Realtor® websites, and even Google Search. Make sure that the photos are listed in all of these areas so you can bring in the perfect buyer!

Make Sure Your Listing Is Appealing to the Perfect Buyer

Puns and silliness aside, it’s vital to make sure that your listing is ready for the perfect buyer. Whether you use this post as a personal checklist or a playful way to educate homeowner, following these tips will make your next sale much easier!


Ready to promote your next listing? Get your Just Listed and Just Sold postcards ready! We have everything you need.