Communication is the Key to Successful Client Relationships

Today, we are featuring a guest post from Noreen Payne, a South Florida agent!

Communication is Key

As real estate professionals, our goal is to ensure that our clients have the best experience when buying or selling a home. We, as real estate professionals, are in one of the few industries where competitors must work directly together to accomplish their goals.

From the initial showing all the way to closing we are side-by-side working through issues and ensuring that our respective clients have a wonderful experience. Why is this important?

Aside from providing a positive, stress-free experience for consumers – it can lead to referrals! There is no greater compliment than a referral from a past client! To have our phones ring is the key (no pun intended) to our success.

Connecting with a Referral

It’s exciting when we get a call from a referral for a client and then establish a relationship with said referral on our introductory call. We work hard to establish a relationship right from that first phone call. We take the time to understand the client’s goals and needs.

In the following example, my referral was a buyer. I’ve built the relationship and have gone to great lengths to understand their likes/dislikes and goals and now it is time for our first outing.  While I feel like I established a great foundation – my first outing is the true test.

Communication and Showings

I scheduled showings for our out of town new buyers who had very limited time but knew exactly what they wanted. Our day was packed, showing them various exclusive gated communities and at every showing we were met with professional and gracious showing agents until one where the showing agent sent a showing assistant who was not only 20 minutes late but met us for the showing with the wrong key!

While I know that I have done everything possible to prepare for a successful day, our buyers do not understand why this showing has gone awry and are feeling frustrated that we are now heading off track for our perfectly timed day.

Consequences of Poor Communication

Our very pleasant day of back-to-back showings quickly got awkward. This scenario made not only me look like I didn’t plan well but also left a very negative impression of the showing agent as well.

This is just one of countless examples of how we as professionals can work together in our communication efforts to make every experience pleasant for our clients.  From the minute a showing is requested whether via directly with an agent or via an online showing request service, it is imperative that we communicate with each other in a timely and efficient manner.

We are all busy but we are also here to help one another whether on the buying or selling side. A simple call or text goes a long way in setting the expectations such as waiting on a seller, to confirm a showing request, or if running early or late for showings to let the other agent know and to help keep us all on track to ensure that everyone’s time is valued and respected.

How is Your Communication?

How do you do with communication? Everything from your business card to your print marketing should show your professionalism. You also need to be sure that you communicate clearly with other agents and your clients.

Good communication is essential – it’s time to brush up on your skills!


Noreen Payne is a partner in the All About Florida Homes team of Lang Realty. She and her co-partner, Amy Snook, provide concierge-level real estate service in South Florida. She is currently Chairman of the Board for the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of Directors for The Achievement Center for Children & Families, and is an active volunteer with The Caring Kitchen.